Donkey Cone

The Donkey Cone tool is a 2 piece coupler made from 60/61 heavey duty aluminum that fits onto a standard winding cone secured with 2 fasteners. It’s purpose is to convert a standard 4 hole (90° option) to an 8 hole (45° option) to allow for safer winding with industry standard 18″ winding bars.

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  • The most important benefit is safety. It will prevent injuries caused by traditional methods of using “short” bars or having to remove / reinstall top sections of doors in order to adjust torsion springs.
  • Efficiency. The Donkey Cone can turn a 2 technician job into a single technician job saving an owner man time and money.


  • Low ahead Room (LHR)
  • Damaged or broken winding cones
  • Weighing doors
  • Back winding torsion springs in “cable off” situations
  • Has slotted marks every other hole for easy counting of 1/4 turns
  • Works on all 1″3/4 to 2″ universal winding cones


  • Garage Door Company owners, managers and technicians
  • Garage Door Wholesalers
  • Garage Door related products/ tools


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