The Donkey Cone was created by Jeff Gabelsberg. A 24 year veteran in the Garage Door industry. Starting off in Oklahoma as a helper in his teenage years thaen working for a major manufacturer in the late 90s. His passion for the industry took him to the east coast in 2001 as a technician and moving up to general manger of a succesfull door dealership.

When the Wind Load laws began to effect in the industry, Jeff realized there was a need for a tool that would allow a technician to safely change out a pair of torsion springs on a door with oversized top struts without having to remove the top section which took time and labor. This is where the original idea for the Donkey Cone started.

In 2013 after moving back to his hometown of Oklahoma City, he found that there was a need for the Donkey Cone for use not only with Windloaded doors, but in Low Head Room, broken/damaged winding cone applications as well as weighing doors with scales.

So the process from idea to prototype to patent to full use became reality. Now selling throughout the US and multiple countries. Jeff’s inventiveness has more products in the works. So stay tuned for more to come!

Donkey Cone Product Image